ACT is bringing key stakeholders together in one of the most important locations for garment production. 

The garment and footwear industry is Bangladesh’s second largest export industry, employing more than 4 million workers.  Meaningful transformation of the garment and footwear industry, including securing living wages, requires that all industry stakeholders are given a seat at the table. 

In Bangladesh ACT hosts the country’s key garment industry platform, bringing together representatives from trade unions, brands and employers. Representatives from the BGMEA, IndustriALL Bangladesh Council, IndustriALL Global Union and ACT member brands are members of the working group which sets the agenda for the platform. 

The Bangladesh platform is in dialogue on wages, ensuring the right of freedom of association and responsible purchasing practices. In 2020, the platform deployed a Dispute Resolution Mechanism to address the new spate of conflicts driven by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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