ACT Purchasing Practices

ACT member brands have committed themselves to working globally – across all sourcing countries – towards changing purchasing practices that are impediments to  progress towards living wages and good working conditions.

ACT brands have committed to improving their purchasing practises globally in five areas where the biggest impact on wages and working conditions was identified.

Accountability and Monitoring

The ACT Accountability and Monitoring framework provides ACT member brands with an agreed set of  indicators and monitoring instruments to implement their purchasing practices commitments. ACT member  brands will ensure that their purchasing practices facilitate the payment of a living wage.

Country Support Commitments

Based on a consultation process ACT members have also agreed specific support commitments for countries that are the first to sign a collective bargaining agreement at industry level. Countries can benefit from these support commitments if they have a collective agreement at industry level in place that ensures wage growth exceeding inflation and productivity growth, full respect of freedom of association and a monitoring mechanism.