Membership Criteria

Membership is open to all companies.

Applicants for ACT membership should fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Your company commits to collaborate with other members to support ACT’s mission, strategic goals and program strategies.
  2. Your company demonstrates that its long-term business aspirations are aligned with ACT. Evidence should include a publicly available commitment, and practices that support a global initiative for establishing living wages. Your company commits to align with the ACT communication strategy for all external statements related to ACT.
  3. Your company enters into a direct relationship with IndustriALL Global Union. The ACT MoU is signed between your company and IndustriALL by the CEO of your organization and the General Secretary of IndustriALL.
  4. If your company forms part of a group, all companies within the group which fall within the scope of ACT (garment, textile, footwear and accessories) need to become a member of ACT.
  5. All members must pay a joining fee and an annual membership fee in accordance with the ACT membership fee structure. The annual membership fees are calculated according to annual turnover of garment, textile, footwear and accessories business.
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