Memorandum of understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)– signed between member companies and IndustriALL – is the basis for the cooperation between ACT members, outlining the commitments necessary to establish freedom of association, collective bargaining and living wages within global supply chains.

ACT Member Commitments include: 

Brands will… 

  • work to ensure that purchasing practices support long-term partnerships with manufacturers 
  • ensure that purchasing practices facilitate the payment of a living wage 
  • exchange necessary information regarding strategic supplier factories with IndustriALL. 


Brands and IndustriALL will …

  • design strategies on how to proactively promote freedom of association 
  • provide capacity building on freedom of association and collective bargaining 
  • advocate that industrywide collective agreements be registered and legally enforceable under national laws 
  • make joint approaches to governments in support of higher minimum wage outcomes 
  • work with factories and IndustriALL – affiliated unions in priority countries to bring them together to negotiate towards a living wage.