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ACT at the OECD Garment and Footwear Forum 2024


Join ACT at the following side session for the OECD Garment and Footwear Forum 2024

Enabling Reliable Wage Improvements through Supply Chain Industrial Relations: An HRDD Perspective on Collective Bargaining supported by Purchasing Practices

20 Feb 2024 | 12:30am – 13:30am CET

Achieving sustainable wage improvements and progressing towards living wages or workers in the global garment and footwear industry remains a central challenge. Except for minimum wage increases, most wage improvements have proven unreliable, failing to yield real wage growth and often accompanying increased work intensity and extended hours. This session will explore the role of collective bargaining in establishing a structural approach to long-term wage developments, ensuring reliable and predictable wage increases for workers. By bringing together perspectives of trade unions, brands, investors, and technical experts on wages and wage measurement, the panel will examine whether and what focus should be placed on structural transformation, progress in collective bargaining, freedom of association, and industrial relations when assessing wage progress.


  • Jenny Holdcroft (SHIFT) 
  • Marcus Wilert (Columbia Threadneedle Investment)
  • Johan Genneby  (H&M)
  • Christina Hajagos-Clausen (IndustriALL Global Union)
  • Mark Anner (Penn State University)

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