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G-Star joins ACT


In September 2019, the ACT Member Council welcomed G-Star RAW as a new member brand.

Founded in 1989, G-Star RAW is particularly engaged in the denim industry. It is the first Dutch company to join ACT. Driven by innovation and sustainability at the core of its philosophy, G-Star RAW is committed to challenge industry standards, lead by example and develop sustainable solutions for the future of fashion.

Sofie Schop, Sustainability Director: “G-Star RAW believes that all workers have the right to a fair living wage. Throughout the years we’ve learned that to achieve this, it requires a committed collaboration within the industry. With the ACT membership, we can continue our journey and work on sustainable, impactful solutions to achieve living wages”.

With G-Star RAW as new member, ACT now has 20 corporate signatories representing a broad range of brands and labels.