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ACT cooperates with the Global Deal



The Global Deal for Decent Work and Inclusive Growth is a global multi-stakeholder partnership launched by the Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven with the objective of bringing actors on the labour market together to increase the benefits of globalization. At the heart of the Global Deal lies the potential of sound industrial relations and enhanced social dialogue as a means to foster decent work, quality jobs, and increased productivity and, by extension, greater equality and inclusive growth.

ACT became a partner of the Global Deal in February 2018 to accelerate action, increase the knowledge base and facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices on social dialogue and sound industrial relations.

Welcoming ACT to the the Global Deal, Stefan Löfven, the prime minister of Sweden emphasizes: “I am a firm believer in working together across stakeholder groups to turn challenges into opportunities. We need committed partners to demonstrate the mutual benefits of a trustful collaboration between various parties in the labour market. Hence, I extend my warmest welcome to ACT”.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven explaining the vision of the Global Deal