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ACT Welcomes Mira Neumaier as Executive Director


The ACT Foundation announces the commencement of Mira Neumaier as the new Executive Director. 

Mira brings extensive industrial relations and international collective bargaining experience to the Secretariat.  Prior to joining ACT Mira Neumaier was Vice-President at the Civil Aviation Section of the European Transport Workers Federation, International Transport Workers Federation and served as Head of the National Civil Aviation and Maritime Section of a general services union. 

Kaiesha Gibson, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Pentland Brands and ACT Board Member says she is enthused with the appointment of Mira Neumaier to the role. 

“ACT was looking for a candidate with hands-on experience negotiating industry level collective bargaining agreements and the ambition to help deliver the ambitious agenda set by the ACT members for the coming years.”

Christina Hajagos-Clausen, Director, Textile and Garment Industry at IndustriALL Global Union and ACT Board Member says,

“Global supply-chains are under unprecedented pressure in the wake of the pandemic, global conflict and evolving consumer habits. Industry wide collective bargaining is the mechanism most suited to meeting this moment. Collective bargaining supports all stakeholders in a supply chain, including and importantly workers. Mira Neumaier joins ACT at a critical juncture.  Her direct experience facilitating collective bargaining agreements  and capacity for leading complex negotiations will undoubtedly be an important asset for the ACT Foundation.”