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ACT members adopt framework on Workers’ safety and terminations in Myanmar


A key concern in the current situation in Myanmar is the protection of workers in situations where they cannot attend work due to safety concerns. Following a dialogue process with IndustriALL affiliate Industrial Worker Workers Federation of Myanmar (IWFM),  ACT member brands have adopted a Framework on Workers’ Safety and Terminations to address this challenge.


  1. ACT brands will carry out a communication to their factories in their supply chain in Myanmar informing and urging them that workers who have been absent from work for more than three consecutive days for safety reasons can only be terminated upon payment of adequate compensation (severance pay), or, if possible, be granted unpaid leave for a period agreed between the worker and the employer. This approach (based in the relevant international/national legislation considered appropriate and limited to the current circumstances) will be adopted from the date of the communication to factories (18 June 2021) onwards with clear understanding of the responsibilities of workers and employers.
  2. The Fast-track Dispute Resolution Mechanism (DRM) agreed among ACT members on 25th March 2021 continues to be the vehicle to manage any type of received allegation regarding the respect of workers’ rights under the current circumstances in Myanmar, including but not limited to Freedom of Association. Any allegation which falls under the point number 1 will be also managed through the Fast-track DRM . (For any case that has occurred prior to the date of the communication, all parties will follow the Fast-Track DRM. Provisions as outlined in point 1 can only be applied for the cases that have occurred after the date of this communication).
  3. ACT Brands will encourage factories under their supply chain in Myanmar to share on a voluntary basis, data related to terminated workers or workers not paid in full with available humanitarian aid organisations in Myanmar, to help enable access to income on the basis of humanitarian relief.


Workers or their representatives at factories supplying to ACT brands can contact the Industrial Workers Federation of Myanmar (IWFM) to file a complaint under the ACT Fast-Track Dispute Resolution Mechanism (DRM) relating to concerns over the respect for workers’ rights, including termination without severance pay.

IWFM is affiliated to ACT member IndustriALL Global Union.