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Lidl joins ACT: First German discounter committing to living wages


By signing the ACT MoU with IndustriALL Global Union in November 2019, Lidl became the first German discounter to commit to ensuring living wages in its garment and footwear supply chain through freedom of association, collective bargaining and responsible purchasing practices.

Lidl is estimated to be one of the biggest grocery chains in the world and is the first German discounter to commit to ACT.

Lidl’s sustainability strategy is anchored in sustainability commitments focused on collaborating with key stakeholders to address systemic challenges and leverage change and on increasing the number of suppliers covered by long-term commercial agreements.

These commitments match the core principles of ACT in working towards industry collaboration and responsible purchasing practices.

ACT members are working together to improve wages in the global garment and footwear industry through improved purchasing practices linked to collective bargaining agreements aiming to implement the human right to living wages.

“We are delighted to have Lidl join the ranks of ACT brands. We also believe that this will send a strong signal to others to join us in making living wages a reality”, says Frank Hoffer, Executive Director of ACT.